About Ultimately Better

Ultimately Better is a digital micro-agency based predominantly in Shropshire, servicing clients worldwide. Launched in 2021, Ultimately Better is the culmination of years of experience as a freelance web developer and many, many hours working alongside various creative and full service marketing agencies, all smooshed together with the desire to better serve businesses and other agencies with ultimately better web design and WordPress development.

We’re made up of a hand-picked ‘tried and tested’ team of experienced freelancers who each specialise in different areas, giving a multi-faceted approach to each project, ensuring you always get the right person for the job.

Ultimately Better works quickly and efficiently to design, build, optimise, secure or extend your website. We specialise in WordPress development but can work with a range of open and closed source software. Working quickly and efficiently we can design and build beautiful, functional mobile and tablet friendly responsive websites that work across a variety of platforms and web browsers and all, crucially, on a budget that suits us both.

To talk about how Ultimately Better can help with your next project, get in touch.

Why WordPress?

The Ultimately Better team have a combined experience of over 25 years experience designing and building for WordPress; using the content management system since version 1.0 and developing WordPress websites commercially since version 1.5. We love working with it because:

It’s Open Source

It’s free! No expensive license fees or contract tie-ins out of the box. You pay only for your site development and hosting.

Has a massive user base

Over 64 million sites are powered by WordPress, with thousands of developers worldwide contributing to core development & plugins.

It’s infinitely flexible

WordPress can be anything you want it to be: from a simple blog to a full e-Commerce platform (utilising WooCommerce) and more.