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How Good Website Performance Can Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

When you think about website performance, speed and usability probably spring to mind. We talk a lot about the positive impact on users when your website performs well. But did you know that the environment benefits too? This post offers an insight into the benefits of a fast website that you might not have thought […]

Moving Your Website To WordPress: How To Do It And Why Bother? 

The chances are, you’re here because your website was created on a different builder and you’ve realised its limitations. Somebody has probably helpfully suggested that WordPress websites are a lot more flexible and user-friendly. Leaving us with a couple of questions. Firstly, why didn’t they tell you that before you created your site? And secondly, […]

Jem’s Guide to WordPress Website Performance Auditing and Optimisation

Website performance is an important factor in the success of your website. Site speed affects conversions, search engine traffic and sales. Lighter websites also use less power (climate change – argh!), less bandwidth, and less disk space. But you knew that already, which is why you’re here. What you perhaps don’t know, is where to […]

Ultimately Better’s 2021 Pride Month Charity

Back at the beginning of June, in order to celebrate Pride month, raise awareness and increase visibility of the LGBTQIA+ community, we pledged on Twitter to donate 10 per cent of Ultimately Better’s gross earnings to an appropriate charity of our choosing. While nowadays it is not out of the ordinary for corporations to change […]

Nobody Uses Sliders: 5 Reasons to Skip the Slider on your Website Build

1. Slider scripts are often resource-intensive Most ‘out of the box’ slider plugins for WordPress require several JavaScript and CSS files to work. While there’s nothing wrong with adding JavaScript and CSS files to a site – most of the web would be pretty boring without them – this is usually on top of layer […]

Building in the wild

What’s this, a half-finished website? Yes, is being built live! In the wild! As a developer, and specifically as an open source developer, my career is in part down to the contributions of other developers to this vast ecosystem we know as the world wide web. As I build my micro-agency up from the […]