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Nobody Uses Sliders: 5 Reasons to Skip the Slider on your Website Build

1. Slider scripts are often resource-intensive Most ‘out of the box’ slider plugins for WordPress require several JavaScript and CSS files to work. While there’s nothing wrong with adding JavaScript and CSS files to a site – most of the web would be pretty boring without them – this is usually on top of layer […]

Building in the wild

What’s this, a half-finished website? Yes, is being built live! In the wild! As a developer, and specifically as an open source developer, my career is in part down to the contributions of other developers to this vast ecosystem we know as the world wide web. As I build my micro-agency up from the […]

Hello world!

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Why WordPress?

The Ultimately Better team have a combined experience of over 25 years experience designing and building for WordPress; using the content management system since version 1.0 and developing WordPress websites commercially since version 1.5. We love working with it because:

It’s Open Source

It’s free! No expensive license fees or contract tie-ins out of the box. You pay only for your site development and hosting.

Has a massive user base

Over 64 million sites are powered by WordPress, with thousands of developers worldwide contributing to core development & plugins.

It’s infinitely flexible

WordPress can be anything you want it to be: from a simple blog to a full e-Commerce platform (utilising WooCommerce) and more.