WordPress Performance Optimisation

Why is speed optimisation important?

Site speed is important because it affects conversions, search engine traffic and sales.

In 2010, Google announced that it was going to start using site speed as a ranking signal.

In 2020, Google announced its new “Core Web Vitals” metrics to take this one step further. These metrics are made up of three components: content loading speed, interactivity and visual stability. The aim of the Core Web Vitals initiative is to provide guidance to webmasters and developers for ‘quality signals’ that it believes are important to delivering the best possible user experience for customers.

Why should I optimise WordPress?

Optimising your WordPress website to meet the base requirements as specified Google’s Core Web Vitals guidelines ensures that your website is:

  • performant – fast to load, even on mobile devices browsing the web using cellular data
  • receptive to input – able to take instructions straight away
  • not distracting or jumpy – reducing visual movement and layout shift to prevent customers from losing their place

How do you optimise WordPress’ performance?

Going beyond simply resizing a few images (a short term fix), Ultimately Better Ltd know how to set up, configure and tweak WordPress core and hundreds of popular plugins to get the best out of your setup. From server configuration to static file generation, caching and coding: we’ve got you covered when it comes to WordPress speed and performance.

Ultimately Better can help you audit and optimise your WordPress website to improve reported scores across all three facets of the recommended Core Web Vitals guidelines, as well as deep dives on WordPress core and plugin perfomance.

To learn more about how Ultimately Better can help you with your WordPress and WooCommerce performance optimisation, or to discuss auditing your website, give us a call or send us an email…

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